Friday, 28 November 2008

2008/2009 olive oil: fantastico!

Finally, after all that picking, blending, transporting and cold pressing, the olive oil of Sabina is ready. It has a DOP (Denomination of guaranteed origin) stamp on it like every year, which already means excellent quality. But this year our local olive oil is truly special. I've had a sip of my olive oil supply for the year, kindly delivered to my door by Alfio. He is our official supplier of fruit, vegetables, wild herbs and olive oil. I found it very peppery, not oily or greasy at all, with a wonderful fruity flavour. The smell too is fantastic, similar to freshly cut grass.
According to most olive oil producers around Italy, there has been a production increase of about 10%. This is because this year we've had the perfect four seasons as described by Antonio Vivaldi. It was hot and dry when it needed to be and rainy when it was meant to be, according to mother nature. So by last May I could see the olive threes full of tiny flowers, which usually is the premise for a good year. So, I recommend stocking up your cupboard with DOP Sabina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 2008/2009, if you can.
Tomorrow, I am going to the Olive Oil festival at the nearby monastery of Farfa. All the olive oil producers from the area will be there and I will be able to taste some of the best olive oil in Italy. There will be cheese, olives and wine as well as street performances, music and a lot of fun for children and adults. It's been my 5th year at the festival and it gets better and better!

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