Friday, 2 September 2016

Thinking of those effected by the earthquake in Central Italy

We try to keep this blog light and interesting, however this time, it is more important to inform you of an event that happened recently in Central Italy, just over 100 kms from us.

Luckily our little village of Toffia and the immediate surrounding areas were not effected, but 1000's of lives have been changed by the recent earthquake that occurred on the 24th August, 2016.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those that were devastated by this Natural Disaster, and lost not only their homes, but also family members, and friends. A loss,  that will effect those victims forever and change the path of those left.

I just wanted to share with you and article that was written by Olive Oil Times:

Thanks to all of you that inquired about our safety, Sally and I are touched by your concern. Yes, we are fine, and our beautiful village of Toffia, and the immediate area of the Sabine Hills were not effected.

Life is a gift and when a natural disaster like this strikes so close to home, it reminds me, to make the most of the wonderful life we have.

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