Friday, 21 September 2007

It's all about wine, olive oil, chestnuts

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, here in Sabina. The colours are beautiful and the weather, still sunny and warm without being hot, is perfect for walks and excursions.
Above all, this is vintage and olive harvest time. The olives are just about to turn dark, a bit early this year. My prediction is that both wine and olive oil making will happen soon, because of the long hot summer we've had.
Chestnuts will be available at the village markets in a few days: time to roast them in the fireplace or just on the stove top by using a special tin pan with holes in the bottom. Chestnuts then become 'caldarroste' (hot roasted). Looking forward to all that!
PS: We had a pasta strike last week: no one bought pasta for a day, as a protest against soaring pasta prices. Then bought double the amount next day!

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