Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pecorino Cheese: Fresh from the local shepherd in the Sabine Hills, near Rome

Just visited the local shepherd to get a 'wheel' or 2 of #pecorino (sheep) #cheese. It is a tradition in the #SabineHills, near #Rome, for the shepherds to make their own cheese from the milk their sheep produce. Sheep's milk is even sweeter and creamier in the #Winter and cooler months of the year.

So January and February are great excuse to eat even more of this delicious cheese. We can buy it fresh 'primo sale' or more mature. When we visit, Irena, our local shepherdess, she will ask how mature we would like our pecorino, and then select a wheel of cheese from her wooden shelves in her storage area 'cantina', where all cheese matures. You could not get more local 'zero kms' and fresher than this!

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